The Covana III Gazebo
The world's first automated privacy Gazebo

The Covana Hot Tub Cover and Gazebo The Covana Hot Tub Cover and Gazebo

The Covana III hot tub gazebo includes your spa cover. It is an automated all-in-one spa enclosure that rises above your spa and lowers again at the turn of a key. Be sure to watch the video!

Creative Innovation

The Covana is a unique new idea in gazebos. It is an automated all-in-one gazebo enclosure that includes your hot tub cover. It rises above your spa and lowers when you are finished at the simple turn of a key. It doubles as your spa cover so you effortlessly raise and lower the cover for quick and simple access to your hot tub. Now you can enjoy your spa more often than ever before.

Ensuring Privacy

Are you longing for more privacy while you relax in your hot tub? The Covana has shades and screens that can be added to create an intimate and relaxing haven. You can turn your backyard hot tub into a backyard refuge with total privacy. With the Covana automated all-in-one hot tub gazebo enclosure safety and privacy are no longer a concern. And keyed entry provides absolute security and safety.

Added Safety

Is safety a concern for you? The Covana gazebo and cover securely locks in place either extended or closed. Its keyed entry provides absolute security and safety. When in the lowered position, the gazebo can support up to a 500 pound snow load and a 250 pound lift load. It also has a 100 mph wind load when down and 50 mph when it's up. It provides more barrier protection than any other hot tub/pool safety device. You can relax knowing you have a safe hot tub.

Additional Savings

The Covana III is a phenomenal gazebo that also saves you money. The built-in cover eliminates the need to purchase a separate hot tub cover which will need to be replaced periodically over the life of the hot tub. It seals over the spa tightly to eliminate water or chemical evaporation. The tight seal locks in heat and locks out cold to reduce costs related to heating the spa. The Covana has an R-21 insulation value.

Enhanced Well-Being

Did you know that more than half of all North Americans currently suffer from health problems directly related to stress levels? These issues can include increased blood pressure, headaches, chronic back pain and other related illnesses cause by a weakened immune system. Mental health issues such as anxiety and insomnia are also linked to heightened levels of stress.

Are you concerned about your stress level, physical health or arthritis and have been instructed that hydrotherapy would benefit you; however you cannot lift a cover alone? Or you just don't want the hassle of running out in the cold and taking off your hot tub cover?

The Covana spa gazebo and cover is built to provide years of worry free performance and protection. Similar to garage door systems, minimal horsepower is required, lowering the costs and wear and tear on components substantially. It is a fantastic opportunity for a consumer who may have thought they couldn't lift a "traditional" spa cover, for instance, seniors and handicapped adults. Combining your spa with an automated hot tub gazebo and cover will allow you to use your spa more and reap the benefits of hydrotherapy, as well as the added benefit of being able to use it in adverse weather conditions with the protective shades.


Covana Testimonial by happy customer

See how easy the Covana Opens and Closes


Photos of the Covana

Hot Tub Covana Cover

   Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

Hot Tub Covana Gazebo    Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

Hot Tub Covana Gazebo    Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

Hot Tub Covana Gazebo    Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

Hot Tub Covana Gazebo    Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

Hot Tub Covana Gazebo

The Covana comes in 2 colors - Mocha and Slate

Hot Tub Covana Cover

   Hot Tub Covana Cover



Covana Shades One of our most popular add-ons. Available in both Slate & Mocha to match your Covana, the shades provide additional protection from the wind & harsh elements. Most importantly the shades provide coveted privacy from curious onlookers. When the shades are lowered you have the added benefit of a gazebo enclosure & still the ease of use of the automated cover system.


Covana Screens The Covana screens are a mesh material similar in concept to that of a window screen. They offer privacy and at the same time allow you to see what is happening in the area around your hot tub. Imagine you and your friends sitting in the hot tub out of the glaring sun but able to see the children playing in the pool in front of you, while inhibiting pests like flies & mosquitoes. Available in Slate & Mocha

Light Kit

Covana Light Kit We are excited to introduce a new light option for the Covana. The light is an exciting accessory for any Covana. It comes with 8 LED colors as well as a candle/flickering mode. The light can be attached inside the dome of the Covana or enjoy it floating in the water The Covana light will provide a warm glow and ambience for family evenings or a romantic soak with your favorite partner.

Modified Unit

Modified Unit: Sterling Leisure Products has developed a new modified unit with the motor placed on the long side to accommodate hot tub models that require this. The modified unit is a great advantage for spa sizes of 80X88 allowing the motor and steps to be on the opposite side.




Covana Dimensions


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