Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Hot Tub Covers

All traditional hot tub covers are not created equal and are not alike. Watkins, the manufacturer of Hot Spring, Caldera, Limelight, and Hot Spot hot tubs, designs covers specifically for their hot tubs. Never settle for a generic brand when it is time to replace your cover.

We also have excellent non-traditional cover options to complete your hot tub. Please refer to the Gazebo section or the Smartop hard covers. Both provide a custom solution we are confident you will love.

Hot Tub Covers Denver

Why choose a Watkins cover for your hot tub?

  • Hot Spring Spas pioneered the first rigid, vinyl hot tub cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficient covers. 
  • The exclusive "shoe" in the cover hinge creates a tight seal that locks in heat. 
  • The standard 1.5 lb. and 2.0 lb. foam cores increase the R-factor of the cover, adding to their ability to retain heat.

Superior Construction

  • We use only the finest materials in our construction. 
  • Because the custom-fit foam core is tapered, water runs off easily. 
  • We use superior marine grade vinyl in our covers. 
  • We use treated Polyester thread to withstand years of harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. 
  • We use a poly-ply laminate in our vinyl that protects the hot tub cover's core from the effects of water chemicals and cold. 
  • Our vinyl flaps shield the zipper and zipper pull from the elements for long-lasting use. 

Durable Design

  • Our covers reinforce twenty-four internal stress points for a long lasting cover. 
  • The center of the cover is supported with aluminum reinforcement for maximum strength and minimum weight. 
  • Our hinge is strong and durable with four layers of double-stitched vinyl. 
  • Our handles have extra strong padding and five reinforced layers for long-lasting performance. 
  • Our covers have sturdy brackets for strong support and easy installation on cover lifters. 

Attractive Appearance

  • You will want to complement the beauty of our cabinets with a cover designed to enhance the overall beauty of your hot tub.

Safety Certified

  • You can secure your hot tub cover with our reinforced, adjustable straps.
  • We include key locked child resistant safety locks for your family's safety. 
  • Our cover is UL Classified to meet ASTM safety standards.