General Water Care Information

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Hot Spring Continuous Silent Filtration

In a Hot Spring spa, the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump works continuously, filtering the spa's water for 24 hours a day. It's totally automatic, so there's no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles as in other spas. Nor do you have the wear and tear, energy drain or noise of a large jet pump running during those cycles. Operating silently and efficiently, your Hot Spring spa is always hot, clean and ready to enjoy.

Hot Spring 100% No Bypass Filtration

With 100% No-Bypass filtration, all the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa. With other spas, bypassing occurs when the jets are on - forcing unfiltered water directly back into the spa. With a Hot Spring spa, the gallon-per-minute flow of our pumps is carefully matched with each spa's square footage to achieve balanced filtration, so there's no need for bypassing.

Hot Spring Ozone System

Hot Spring spas come standard with the FreshWater III high-output ozone system. Working 24/7, it continuously injects millions of tiny, highly concentrated ozone bubbles into the water-neutralizing contaminants on contact. The system uses a corona discharge cell, requiring virtually no maintenance.

Tri-X Filter Technology

The patented Tri-X filter has twice the cleaning area of a similarly sized cartridge, filtering the water three-dimensionally through both the surface and depth. Dishwasher-safe, it's easy to maintain. Included as standard on many models, Tri-X filters can be used on any Hot Spring spa. Available only on the Vista, Grandee, Envoy, and Aria.

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System
The ACE system allows spa owners to use water longer, requiring fewer harsh chemicals and does not contain the chlorine odor. The ACE water care system last longer than other water care system and saves time so you can enjoy your spa more.

Hot Tub Silk Water Care

Introducing SilkBalance for Hot Tubs - Now Only $169*

SilkBalance Spa Water Management

Just Shake and Pour. Once a week, for the softest skin, and automatically balanced fresh clean water!

  • *NEW PRICE.  Regular price is $199 + 15% VIP discount. You pay only $169 with Free Shipping. Price match guarantee. Tax is additional. Just call in your order: 303-296-7727, or ask for our NEW Silk Auto Ship program. (No additional discounts apply.)
  • Simple to use. It is a self-adjusting water care formula. JUST- * "Shake and Pour" one application per week! It automatically balances the water's pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness and eliminates water testing. No other spa water maintenance product works like SilkBalance for Spas. We'll even save you time by shipping right to your door.
  • Feels great! You instantly notice the water feels different; luxuriously soft and your skin will experience a silky smooth feeling. And, no more dry and itchy skin after leaving your hot tub. Sensitive skin is free from irritation. 
  • Pure and Clean. You can trust SilkBalance to provide a safe bathing environment in the Hot tub. 
  • No chemical smell. It has a fresh, clean scent instead of a chemical odor and is an environmentally friendly formula. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. It is safer and easier on the environment than the chemicals used in many spas. When you drain your spa, there are no precautions required. 
  • Protects Equipment. It breaks down limescale deposits and inhibits the build up of excess calcium from the water, preventing problems in your hot tub.
  • Now in a 76-ounce or 38-ounce bottle.

Introducing Clean Start for SilkBalance Customers

Clean Start for SilkBalance Spa Water Management

Clean Start is a product formulated to go hand-in-hand with the SilkBalance water-conditioning program.

Before you start:

  • Use Clean Start to purge your hot tubs plumbing system. 
  • A simple way to stabilize hot tub water chemistry. 
  • It removes any buildup within the plumbing lines of your hot tub. 
  • It eliminates white and black spa mold. 
  • It leaves no foaming residue. 
  • The active oxygen ingredient leaves your hot tub with a fresh and clean scent.

Once a year:

  • As you change water, use Clean Start to ensure a totally bacteria free hot tub. 

"SilkBalance™ For A Relaxing Silky Spa Experience"

SilkBalance™ was formulated with a unique technology that immediately begins to adjust the water's properties, removing excess minerals and metals, which if allowed to build up over time can be detrimental to filters and pumps. It was also formulated to be mild on your skin and contains mineral salts that leave your skin feeling silky smooth and invigorated. It does not leave a lingering odor of strong chemicals but rather a clear refreshing wonderful water scent

Cleaning Your Spa Equipment

SilkBalance™ Clean Start, a cleanser that cleans organic deposits and cleans or removes dirt, soil and inanimate organic particulates from plumbing systems. The only purge product that will not create foaming residue that would require multiple flushes to remove. It will leave your spa with a fresh and clean scent. We highly recommend using Clean Start for previously used spas prior to starting with the SilkBalance water conditioning program. We also recommend using Clean Start once a year for all spas to ensure a totally bacteria free start to your new spa season.

Protecting Your Spa Equipment

SilkBalance™ will extend the lifetime of your spa equipment components by breaking down existing lime scale deposits the first time you use it and then continuously inhibiting further build up that comes into spas from tap water.

SilkBalance™ instantly changes the properties of the spa water by making it difficult for existing lime scale to attach itself to anything in the spa and then releases it to be captured by the filters.

Improving and Maintaining Performance

By eliminating existing limes scale deposits and continuously inhibiting the excess calcium build up it allows water to flow freely throughout the spas’ internal plumbing and jet fixtures. Stronger flowing Jets deliver the intended power of hydrotherapy to your body and muscles. Other components, such as the internal water heater will last longer.

hot tub water care

Renewed Skin, Clean Scent

After the first time you use Silk Balance you will immediately notice a difference in the way your skin feels. Soft, smooth, and silky, Silk Balance will leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. The strong smell of chemicals will be replaced with a fresh scent that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

hot tub water care

How Silk Balance Works

Silk Balance will protect your equipment by decreasing lime buildup and calcium deposits on your spas components. Using specialized Dispersion Technology, Silk Balance keeps your water and equipment free of dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Use Silk Balance and Silk Balance Clean Start products to keep your equipment clean and extend the life of your spa.

hot tub water care

Easy To Use.

Silk Balance is easy to use. Once a week, shake and pour Silk Balance into your water and enjoy your. Let Silk Balance work to balance your PH levels, alkalinity, and calcium buildup without using harsh chemicals. Silk Balance is an environmental product that is safe and easy to use.

A Relaxing, Silky Soft Water Spa Experience!
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SilkBalance Water Care

SPA FROG Water Care System Cartridge Ready

SPA FROG Water Care System Cartridge Ready
SPA FROG is a simple, easy to use water care system to keep your spa clean and ready to use. With nothing to measure, the SPA FROG water care system is the perfect way to keep your spa water fresh and clean.

Valet Water Care

Valet Water Care

Hot Tub Water Valet Service Packages: You sit back, relax, and enjoy. We do all the work.

EverFresh System

everfresh water care system
The EverFresh water care system keeps your spa clean and fresh, while reducing the need for chlorine. The EverFresh water care system safely sanitize spa water, protects again contaminants, and is easy to maintain.